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Building a Backyard Play Structure

Posted on September 18, 2021 by Robert Burress

A child's dream backyard includes a play structure complete with a slide and swings just like the one in the local park. As soon as you have made the choice to earn your kid's dream come true then you have several avenues from which to select depending on the sum of money and time you can invest.

Among the most economical way of acquiring a play structure is to get a used one. Since children eventually outgrow their play structures you can frequently find a used one in a fraction of the price tag. Your time investment will require disassembling and reassembling the construction. To make the job of reassembling simpler, you need to take a photo of this play structure before disassembling. Check your newspaper classifieds and as soon as you find one, call immediately since they tend to sell fast. You should also check to find out if your newspaper puts their classifieds online. Many times the online version is available earlier than the print version which will provide you with a leading start.

If you choose to build your own play structure you have many alternatives available. It's possible to build totally from scratch by designing a set of strategies, buying the material required, and constructing the set. This is obviously quite labor intensive and likely not the ideal job for a beginner. An alternative is to buy a kit from a store such as Home Depot or Lowe's. You can obtain a kit for as little as $299 which includes: layout alternatives, some accessories, hardware, brackets, and programs. You must separately purchase slips, timber and accessories. You may also obtain a complete kit which comprises all material including timber. These options are as labour intensive as the previous option but they take the guesswork out of design and construction. The last and most expensive option is to buy your playground already constructed.

Whichever option you decide upon you will need to make sure that the structure is constructed safely and your children understand how to safely play in their new play structure. Thus, when it comes to playground equipment, security definitely comes before price.