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How To Choose Awnings For Your Home or Business

Posted on November 10, 2022 by Robert Burress

Before, awnings just served as protection from sun and rain for houses. However now, awnings are included within a house's or building's architecture not merely because of its primary purpose, but additionally to include charm and develop a statement.

If you're still unconvinced concerning the architectural artistry of awnings, you might like to keep these things installed for the next reasons:

  • It protects the window frames from the rain, sun and snow. Most window frames and windowpanes are constructed with wood. Everybody knows how wood responds to environmental changes. Despite having sufficient wood coating and polish, wood deteriorates faster when subjected to the harshness of the current weather conditions.
  • Your house could have a porch or perhaps a patio and you also involve some furniture there, where you relax as you read a book or have a sit down elsewhere together with your friends. Such furniture, whatever the material, wears out faster when subjected to sun and rain.
  • When it's raining, you normally keep your windows shut, blocking oxygen from to arrive through the windows. If your home has awnings, during rain showers, it is possible to keep your windows open but still prevent rainwater from getting back in.
  • When you're watching television or utilizing the computer, you will often have the windows shut, or the curtains or blinds right down to decrease the glare. If awnings were fitted, you wouldn't have to block day light from all of those other room because the awnings will certainly reduce the glare on the monitors positioned close to the windows.
  • A major aftereffect of having awnings, in accordance with a report, is that it could reduce summer heat increase by 65% for windows facing south, and 77% for windows facing east and west.
  • So in case you are now convinced that you desire your home or your building to possess awnings, don't just venture out there and obtain one. You can find things that you should consider.


    The mostly used materials for awnings are outdoor fabric and aluminum. Those manufactured from outdoor fabric can be found in a number of color and shapes; however, these require more maintenance than aluminum ones.

    Those manufactured from aluminum are sturdy and require less maintenance. These awnings, however, have limited design and color options.


    It is preferred that for windows facing east or west, how big is the drop ought to be 65-75% to find the best efficiency. For a window facing south, the drop can you need to be 45-60% since less coverage is necessary, because the sun includes a higher angle out of this direction.

    Side panels

    Side panels may alter the architectural feel of the awnings. Side panels may also be beneficial in adding coverage in another direction.

    Stationary, Retractable or Freestanding

    Roll-up and retractable awnings permit you to let the sun to shine in to the house during winter.

    Retractable awnings may also be best for patios or decks. These awnings have a mechanism which allows it to be extended so far as necessary.

    Retractable awnings may also have motors and switches for ease in retraction. Some likewise have sun and wind sensors to automate the retraction.

    Retractable awnings aren't for heavy rains, high winds and snow, though. So make certain they are properly protected from such climate.

    Freestanding awnings could also be used for patios, decks or terraces. Business establishments, as these also double being an advertisement, usually use these.


    Small awnings are employed because of their decorative effect. If you want to increase the protective function of awnings, pick the bigger ones.


    The hottest styles are traditional with closed sides, traditional with open sides, dome style, double bar standard, waterfall, quarter barrel, gable walkway and semi-circular entrance.

    To check probably the most applicable style for the house design and the direction of one's windows, consult an architect.


    Apart from considering what color goes well together with your house or establishment, when possible, select a light-colored awning because it will not only block sunlight light other awnings, but this reflects sunlight. In so doing, it lessens the quantity of heat that will come in.

    Also to reduce heat that makes the house, be sure that there exists a gap between your side of the home and the very best of the awning to avoid heat on the awning to be used in the home.

    Keep these pointers at heart when consulting your architect while designing your home or business establishment.