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Preventing Water Damage in the Kitchen

Posted on April 16, 2023 by Robert Burress

The kitchen is frequently neglected though it is frequently cleaned and indicators of excess moisture and impending water damage and mold are overlooked. Inspecting the next moisture sources can help in preventing damage where chances are to happen


The area behind the refrigerator is seldom inspected since it is relatively hard to attain. Inspecting this area will certainly reduce the opportunity for water problems. water behind the refrigerator is really a sign. Usually do not ignore it, fix immediately or hire an appliance technician. In the event that you detect mold growth, clean it immediately. Locate the moisture and correct it. For those who have an icemaker, check the hose to ensure it really is sealed and mounted on the water supply.

Sink and Countertop

The sink and countertop are highly watered areas inside your home. Check regularly beneath the sink and take away the trash can along with other stored what to seek out leaks. A drip in the trap beneath the sink means drain problems and should be repaired fast. Shop around the sink, slow draining pipes indicate a blocked drain. A dripping faucet must me repaired promptly. Focus on the countertop. If tiles are cracked or grout is missing, correct it to avoid water from pervading. Stained walls and floors around pipes indicate an interior leak that must definitely be fixed to avoid additional damage.


If the dishwasher doesn't empty after use, the primary filter could be blocked and should be released promptly. Once the sink overflows, it is almost always because of back-ups. This issue usually occurs once the drain line is clogged. Clean the drain line regularly. Look beneath the foot of the dishwasher for leaks. If you discover any leaks, there may be an unsealed joint or perhaps a damaged hose. Check the bond and fix as needed. Check the dishwasher hose beneath the sink for signs of leakage and fix if necessary. Consider installing steel-braided hoses on appliances like the dishwasher.